Bird's Nest

Bird's nest has always been known as the first choice of the Four Traditional Supplements. According to the records of "Compendium of Materia Medica”, bird’s nest is good for kidney, beauty, elimination Heat Spleen, moisten the lungs.
The history of China people consume the bird's nest started from the Tang Dynasty. The businessman from China use the famous Tang Dynasty Porcelain to exchange the bird’s nest which is regarded as treasures with the Southeast Asia businessmen.
The origin of bird’s nest mainly in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, the Wild Cave Bird’s Nest (Saliva Nests in the cliffs), which contains high Protein and Amino Acids, is a high level of quality bird's nest. However, due to it collected picking hard, yield little, and therefore the price is higher and precious.
The Scientific Studies have repeatedly confirmed that the bird’s nest is rich with the Active Glycoprotein, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Vitamins and other natural nutrients and Minerals, it can be easily absorbed by the human body, and it is indeed a very precious natural supplement. Due to it good nourishing, it is suitable for season's tonic.


”Beauty Gene"

Bird’s nest contains 60% Soluble Proteins and Minerals, which is easily absorbed by the body. It also contains a very important Peptide Hormone - Epidermal Growth Factor (referred to EGF). EGF had often being described as "Beauty Gene". EGF is a growth factor that stimulates cell growth, proliferation and differentiation which play an important role in wound healing after surgical wound; EGF aids in skin rejuvenation and improving skin resiliency. EGF helps in skin moisturizing and whitening, reducing wrinkles and acnes and minimizing menstrual discomfort.


Supplement for Pregnant

Bird's Nest has found an important element in the nutritional supplement menu of pregnant women, many of them consume bird's nest for replenishing nutrients. The pregnant women who consumes bird’s nest regularly will have baby with higher immunity and fairer skin complexion, relieve lactation fatigue and maintain fitness.


Elderly People

It’s a classic effect of bird's nest for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. In the ancient times, a variety of medical books emphasize record all the medical effects of bird’s nest on the Respiratory System (ancient called Pulmonary) disease. Bird’s nest can acts as the “lung washer" to those who have the smoking habits. Its extract is going to stronger the heart, with a certain dose, it will be help for reducing blood pressure, and there is a specific role of diastolic blood pressure. Can cardiac, anti-oxidizing properties, anti-aging and improve blood circulation. The latest medical research shows that the bird's nest is an antioxidant food which is good in maintaining cell structure and cell function, with the long-term consumption can achieve anti-aging purposes. For high blood pressure, angina cause choking, nausea and shortness of breath and chest have good preventive effect.


General Knowledge

Birdnest General Knowledge

Cave Bird's Nest:
Cave Bird's Nest refers to the nests built by swallows in natural stone walls or limestone caves. These bird's nests absorb a lots of Minerals from the cave and thus cause them to be beige or yellow in color and firmer in texture. They contain more fine feathers compared to house bird's nests. They expand to 2-3 times larger upon soaking require longer soaking time. They are delicious after stewing, taste better and can be stewed for longer hours.

Collocalia's Nest:
Collocalia’s Nest means the bird's nest which built with pure saliva of swiftlets, with minimum impurities, in strips, with strong absorbent and able to expand 7-8 times, it is the best quality bird's nest. They are usually white, yellow, red or grey in color.

House Bird's Nest:
House bird’s nest refers to the nest built by swiftlets in the building created artificial. They build their nests under a well protection environment, so the bird’s nest contain less impurities than Cave Bird’s Nest and usually present in white color (also name as White Bird’s Nest).

1. Whole Piece Bird's Nest:
These are curved or boat-shaped bird's nest which has been selected from the harvested bird's nest, with feathers removed, before they are sold. As whole piece bird's nests are naturally obtained and varies with sizes and shapes. These types of bird's nests are thicker than other types of bird's nests. They also possess higher nutritional value, with better flavour and better expandability when soaked. They are the cleanest among all bird's nests and they have high expandability. Sometime the bird's nests produced would be like boat-shaped, it is depend on the place they build the nest.

2. Narrow Bird's Nest Pieces:
These are whole piece bird's nests which have been accidentally broken during harvesting or delivery; or whole piece bird's nests which have been cut into narrow strips or separated after careful selection. Although they are not attractive physically, their quality and method of preparation are similar to whole piece bird's nests.

3. Bird's Nest Corners:
They are the hardest portions at both ends of the whole piece bird's nests and the highest concentration part of saliva from swiftlets. They normally separated from whole piece bird's nests and soaked separately because they require longer soaking time (about six to eight hours). The bird's nest corners are usually torn into smaller pieces prior to soaking so that they expand more easily. They are expanding more compared to whole piece bird's nests and crispier.

4. Bird's Nest Fragments:
These is as a result of breakage during harvesting and transportation or during the cleansing process. They are made up of small amounts of edible bird's nest.

5. Bird's Nest Biscuit:
These are made from broken bird's nest during harvesting. They have been processed and compressed into different shapes (such as rhombus, sphere, crescent and rectangular) and the quality is one grade below that of whole piece bird’s nest.

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