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Passing Down of Tradition; Innovative In Production

Besfomec Industries Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 1948. During those eras, it was only operated as a family business. The founder of the herbal business was Mr. Lau Tin Shun. Not only he was a person that was well verse in traditional Chinese medicines, but also had personal passion towards Chinese culture. Indeed, in his daily life, he practiced traditional Chinese moral values to a very great extend. In those days when the living standard of the common peasants was very low, Mr. Lau had already introduced a series of excellent traditional Chinese medicinal healthcare products into the market. As the prices offered were very reasonable, the products were very well received. At the same time, the brand Fomec’s had become a renowned healthcare brand. In 1974, with high demand from the consumers, Fomec’s family business had turned into a corporate entity. Mr. Lau’s family in the mean time also had injected large amount of capital to escalate the scale of production. With the aid from the state-of-the-art technology, the Fomec’s products quality has been uplifted. In the same year, the family’s very own formulation of high quality chicken essence and bird’s nest essence that had been researched for quite a number of years was also being introduced. Till today, Fomec still strives on the principle: “ Passing On The Tradition, Innovative In Production”. We would continue to work even harder to ascertain our production line will always be equipped with latest machineries and equipments and at the same time, we would also employ world standard nutrition and medicine experts to work in our team so that our products are of utmost superiority.

Vision for the Future

Fomec’s always stresses on integrity. With this principle in mind, our down to earth approach in business conduct is to ascertain that our product sales will always soar at higher height. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with foreign partners which include Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, China, Middle East, Vietname etc.


Our Products

Unique & Efficacious

The FOMEC'S products stress on Chinese medicines. The formulation is prepared with advanced technology and professional pharmaceutical knowledge. During the R&D stage, we have utilized scientific tests and innovation to ensure the consumers will finally get the best out of us. Our products include Instant Concentrated Bird's Nest, Bird's Nest Drinks, Essence of Chicken, Bai Feng Wan, Herbal Products, American Ginseng Teabag, Healthy drinks, etc.

Due to Mr. Lau's personal honest personality where he never boosted on product efficacies, the Fomec's products need not to be exaggerated of their benefits as the products speak by themselves and we have a stringent quality control in our production lines.

Apart from that, Fomec's is also very strict in departmental control and monitoring as we want to ensure that the product quality will always be at competitive edge. Therefore, all our products are adhered with GMP standard and follow the specified requirement of HACCP. Not only that, they also have been approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health.


Our Facilities

Innovative & Outstanding

As the saying goes, “ In order to perfectly complete a task, we must first sharpen the tools”. Since its inception till today, Fomec has tirelessly improved and enhanced its production line to ascertain that the products are of finest quality. At the same time, the company also consistently provides relevant trainings for the staff, balances its human resource and production machineries expansion so that the Fomec’s healthcare products will achieve international standard. With diligent effort of its management, in 1992, the company has received HALAL certificates for its products. And in 1995, it has further obtained the GMP (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE) certificate for its factory plant. Later in year 2003, Fomec’s obtains HACCP (HAZARD ANALYSIS AND CRITICAL CONTROL POINT) international certificate for product hygiene accreditation and finally in 2007, we have obtained the VHM (VETERINARY HEALTH MARK) certificate in order to enhance the product quality.


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